Prob-Test, Inc.

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Turn-key Assemblies;PTI-ECMS-2013
   Research & development
   Instrument Design
   System Integrations

Test Equipment;
   Functional Electronic Test Systems
   Custom Pass/Fail Test Tables
   Optical Test Benches

Laser Assembly (MILES Gear);PTI-OpticsSensors-2013
   904 - 1550 nm Pulsed Laser Diodes
   Laser Tube (Short, Mid & Long Range) / Lens Assembly
   CCA, Laser Modulator (Driver) Assembly

Cable & Connector Assemblies;
   Design & Fabricate Military/Industrial grade Cable Assemblies
   Prototype & Custom Design Connector Assemblies
   Short Run & Production Quantities availble

Small Arm Transmitter (SAT-MILES Gear);PTI-MILESGEAR-2013
   CCA, Encoder W/Red Laser Capability
   Housing Assembly
   Bracket Assembly

Torso/Helmet Assembly;
   CCA, Decoder & Detector Amplifier (Manworn/Helmet)
   Harness & Loop Antenna Assembly
   LCD Display, Buzzer & Switch Assembly

Belt Assembly (Tank);PTI-CableHarness-2013
   CCA, Decoder & Detector Amplifier (Vehicle)
   Belt & Harness Assembly
   Cable & Connector Assembly

Target Panel Assembly (With MILES Decoder);
   ATA Target Panel Assy
   Panel Assy, 1/5 Scale T-72
   Panel Lifter Device with Shoot Back capability

MOUT-IS Training (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain-Instrumentation System);PTI-BatteryPackAssy-2013
   MILES Shoot Out the Light
   MILES Shoot-Back Device






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