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PTI's main goal is to assemble and fabricate high quality military training equipment such as Laser Transmitters, Manworn detectors, Vehicle detector assembles and electronic components such as Printed Circuit Cards and Cable Harness Assemblies.

Our team of engineering Professionals are highly skilled in the science of  Lasers and Optics, and have developed and patented devices from 1st thru 3rd generation MILES training equipment.


A MILES Training Solution Company,

The system uses laser light in the form of pulses to transmit a weapons information to a target. These pulses are transmitted each time a weapon is fired. Information contained in the pulses includes the player identification and the type of weapon used. The target entity processes the information to produce a casualty assessment.

The casualty assessment for a dismounted soldier can produce a state of killed or wounded. The casualty assessment for a mobile weapon system can produce several outcomes including catastrophic kill, mobility kill and communication kill. Both dismounted soldiers and mobile- weapon-system platforms are equipped with a laser transmitter and laser receiver.

MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) 

 We are proud to announce our new

"Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery" with 7800mAh current rating.

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"Providing a dynamic and responsive approach to client design needs, with a focus on competitive cost-modeling and dependable quality"


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